I’m working on a subscription site in WordPress for a client, and they are using cart66 as the shopping cart, and MailPress as the mailing list software. I needed a way to automatically sign up new Cart66 accounts to the Mailpress users. This tiny plugin does just that: Just put this in your plugins directory, […]

There’s a lovely Codeigniter Spark by Phil Sturgeon which does OAuth2 login for Facebook and GitHub and Windows Live. The spark is here. I’d set it up for Facebook a month ago, on our dev site for the Community Media Project. Then yesterday and this morning I checked the spark again, still no Google auth, […]


Join us on February 2nd at 6PM EST, on Ponderwell’s Google+ page for the first official episode of PonderTech, a Google+ Hangout.  Our guest speaker in the Google Hangout will be Clark Mackey of Asheville based web marketing firm, Spark Dog.  He will be discussing leveraging your web based content in a workflow to improve your online […]

New Service Launching: WNCAdGuild

We are preparing for a spring launch of our vertical ad network for Western North Carolina, WNC Ad Guild. Those of you following Ponderwell’s Community Media project already know that we are interested in local community news. One of the challenges in providing local news is having relevant local advertising to go along with it. […]

We’re Giving a TEDx Talk!

tedx logo

Ponderwell has been invited to present a talk at this year’s TEDxAsheville event on Sunday, November 13. Amie will be representing us up on stage, talking about the future of community media, why it matters and what we have to build to make it work. It should be a fantastic event; along with our talk […]

On October 12, the evaluation committee for the Community Media Development Initiative recommended to Asheville City Council that they enter into a three year contract with Ponderwell for the development of our proposal for an online community media outlet. Council responded by voting not to fund anything. We were…surprised. Not necessarily by the decision not […]

Community Media Initiative Full Summary

Welcome to Ponderwell’s CMDI proposal presentation page.  On Thursday, September 22, 2011, we went in to explain to a city/county committee exactly what it is we’d like to build for this community.  What follows is essentially what we told them, edited for reading purposes (and without the jitters and gulps of deep breath which were […]

*** UPDATE*** We have now posted our notes from the 25 minute presentation to the grant committee. This is a good read-through for people who want to know more details about what we are proposing. The City of Asheville and Buncombe County recently made a request for proposals in relation to a grant of $120,000 […]

Simple caching in Zend Framework

A couple of years ago Ponderwell built a site on Zend Framework (ZF) as a bit of fun. It’s been moderately successful, getting a steady flow of traffic, but every now and then it catches people’s imagination and gets a huge spike of traffic which makes the server fall over. We needed caching. ZF has […]

Bezier spline

Further update: Ariel over at arivibes.com has turned this into a GitHub project and, I believe, greatly improved it: HERE   Update: Bob Monaghan from Glue Tools LLC was kind enough to clean up some memory leaks, make the thing compatible with OS X as well as iOS and put in some positioning of the […]

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