New Service Launching: WNCAdGuild

We are preparing for a spring launch of our vertical ad network for Western North Carolina, WNC Ad Guild. Those of you following Ponderwell’s Community Media project already know that we are interested in local community news. One of the challenges in providing local news is having relevant local advertising to go along with it. We started WNC Ad Guild as a companion to our community journalism efforts, as a way for our publishers to earn money from their hard work. But as we developed it, we realized that a local advertising network can be of benefit to the entire community here in Western North Carolina. So we’re opening it up to everyone who calls this area home.

With the proliferation of large ad networks that are not niche targeted, having a network that is specifically for the mountains of Western North Carolina allows local businesses to target residents and tourist vistors who are already looking for information on our area. It allows us to help each other by keeping our cash circulating close to home and promoting businesses we already know and love. It also gives local content publishers an easy revenue stream without having to pound the streets to find advertisers. They can concentrate on creating quality content. Everyone wins.

If you are interested in becoming a beta publisher or advertiser, or you just want to check out what we are up to, visit WNC Ad Guild.