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Adding custom status notifications to Shopp

I use Shopp on a number of websites. As a cart, I’d say it’s “mostly there”, but occasionally, I find ways to extend the system to make it more functional. One of the additions that I find customers requesting regularly is the ability to make custom email templates based on the status of an order…. Read more »

Shopp USPS plugin and the British Empire

If you are a fan of Shopp (, you’ve probably been happy that there’s a built-in solution for shopping carts from inside the WordPress interface.  You’ll also be happy to learn that it’s themeable and extendable much like WordPress itself.  But you are also going to be aware that quite a few features are there,… Read more »

Dropbox and KeePass: the password mashup

Mashup: Dropbox and Keepass

Let’s face it, working with clients with complex networking infrastructures is a pain.  As a contractor, you are offsite, outside of the normal water-cooler knowledge system.  You don’t hear that XYZ website forced John to change the password to the company’s twitter feed. In a perfect world, every auxiliary system your clients would use would allow access to the same data… Read more »