amiebirdAmie Tracey is Ponderwell’s designer and CSS master. She has strong opinions about font choices and logo aesthetics, and don’t even get her started about colours. She constantly strives to find the perfect balance of utility and visual appeal, feeling both are required for any truly worthwhile object.

Amie studied fine art at UNCA and WCU, and over the course of her professional career has worked on a variety of different design and layout projects, ranging from logo design to software user interfaces to full website and branding campaigns. She designed this website, too, which reveals her mild obsession with Nikola Tesla. Don’t get her started about Tesla, either.

When not designing, Amie likes to indulge in her other passion: writing. She writes everything from news analysis to poetry (she won’t show you the poetry, though). She hopes to have her Great Work published one day, like everyone. She’s passionate about teaching formal logic, the analysis of meaning, and the attempt to creep up on Truth.¬†She’s determined not to turn into a crazy cat lady as she gets older, even if starting a black cat and pumpkin farm on an island off the coast of Canada is her life’s ambition.