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How to use HTML in WordPress’s widget’s title

If you want to use HTML in the title of any of the standard wordpress built-in widgets, you’ll find that the WordPress core doesn’t have any support for this. The functions that create these widgets hard code a PHP strip_tags() function call into them, making it impossible to remove in your functions.php file with something… Read more »

Using Apache to better secure WordPress

Securing WP with Apache

This is part 1 in a series to inform developers and administrators on the best methods to lock down their WordPress installations. By following even just some of the steps in these guides, one should be able to avoid many of the common security issues with WP.

html5 Forms and WP 3.0 comments

Being the further adventures of: html5 already works somewhat. Article comments didn’t get the treament, last time, because they’re produced by wp_list_comments() in the comment.php template. But actually this isn’t that hard to sort, and I also took a look at the form fields in the comment post section of the page.

Adding Google Analytics to “WordPress AudioPlayer”

If you are using the WordPress AudioPlayer plugin on your site, you know that it’s a versatile flash player with many options. The missing option from my point of view is tracking the playing of the audio tracks themselves. I’ll show you how to add Google Analytics tracking to the player, so you can get… Read more »

Shopp USPS plugin and the British Empire

If you are a fan of Shopp (http://shopplugin.net/), you’ve probably been happy that there’s a built-in solution for shopping carts from inside the WordPress interface.  You’ll also be happy to learn that it’s themeable and extendable much like WordPress itself.  But you are also going to be aware that quite a few features are there,… Read more »