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CodeIgniter XSS Protection is good, but not enough by itself.

I have been looking at CodeIgniter lately mainly because a lot of my colleagues are using it already. As with most frameworks, I usually start using the framework in a project and then as I am developing the application, I notice some issues with the framework. One such case is with CodeIgniter’s built-in XSS protection. This functionality is quite nice (at least they included it in the framework) but there are some issues with using it that developers should be aware of.

CodeIgniter, extending the Cart class for robust product names

CodeIgniter’s new cart class lets you build robust shopping carts quickly for your site in php, but doesn’t, out of the box, let you add products that have non-alpha-numeric (and dashes, underscores, colons or periods) product names into the cart. Here’s the proper way to extend the class that is upgrade-proof.